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The Mystery Writer: Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta

If you're planning a murder mystery party or mystery dinner, I know what you're thinking, "How can I make sure that I've done everything possible to make it a success?" 

That's where I come in! 

​For over 30 years, I've written and facilitated murder mysteries both for my friends AND clients across the United States and Canada. I know what it takes to orchestrate murder mystery events that people rave about and remember for many years.

Now, I've packaged my murder mysteries into complete do-it-yourself kits that you can DOWNLOAD TODAY! Within minutes, you'll have everything you need to take the stress and worry out of your murder mystery party preparations. The easy-to-follow instructions in my murder mystery kits will take you through the entire process. You'll be able to host your party with a confident smile on your face, knowing that your guests will have a great murder mystery experience.

If you're a theatre troupe or a B&B . . .

I can help you, too.  My murder mystery scripts can easily be used to stage a weekend event or a theatrical performance. But, you don't have to believe me - Just look at the testimonials on this website  from people around the world who've used my downloadable kits with outstanding results. 

Have mystery party questions that only I can answer?

No problem! Call me at (262)377-7230. I'd love to talk with you about how you can make your murder mystery party an unmitigated success.

​                                                                        Sleuthful regards,

                                                                         Jack Pachuta

​                                                                         The Chief Inspector

Even if you've never hosted a Murder Mystery dinner or party before, my do-it-yourself kits will painlessly guide you step by step and stress-free through the entire process.

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