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The holiday murder mystery with a deadly greeting

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Christmas Murder Mystery Party Kit - Twas The Night Before Murder

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"Thanks for using your talents to bring joy to so many people!"
Susan DeVries, Williamson, NY

California Murder Mystery Party
"Our party was a great success. Everyone had so much fun and they commented that it went so smoothly! "

Michele Rendino,
Jewelry by MV, 
Yucaipa, CA

"Your mysteries are very well organized and fun for all - the characters as well as the audience.  We love them.  Keep them coming!"
Eddie Hutzelman, Chamber of Commerce Frostproof, FL

Florida Church Easter Murder Mystery Party
I already have college students asking when we are going to do this again. Thanks for a great script, and a wonderfully fun evening."
Michele Rearden,
First Baptist Church, Naples, FL

Oklahoma Christmas Murder Mystery Party
"I have never seen it so competitive. They opened their clue before their gift."
Sue Price, 
Sand Springs, OK

North Carolina Winery Murder Mystery Birthday Party
"I cannot thank you enough for all your creativity and work that goes into each 'case.'"

Wanda Merical,
Fayetteville, NC

"It was the first time we used one of your murder mystery stories and it was fantastic." 
Audrey Stormonth,
Wagga Wagga, 
New South Wales, Australia
New York English Mansion Murder Mystery Party
". . . thought you'd like evidence of how much fun we had! Thanks for your help in planning this . . . it was great."

Janine Kilty,
Pittsford, NY

"Every time I checked on one of the teams to see if they were enjoying themselves they would break into laughter and express how much fun they were having ."  
Jeff Totten, 
Old Possums Bookstore, Broomfield, CO

Kimberley-Clark Holiday Murder Mystery Party
"Our team did 'Death in them thar hills' as part of our Christmas Party and had a GREAT time with it. The main characters all dressed up and did an outstanding job!"
Katie M. Born,
Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Appleton, WI

Minnesota Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Theater
"Attendance increased each night. The audience was spreading the word, encouraging people not to miss it."

Vicki Morrison Goble,
Treasurer, Pequana Playhouse, Baudette, MN

Delaware Restaurant Winery Murder Mystery Party
It worked perfectly.  The way your programs are designed is brilliant and easy to execute!"
Lisa McDonald
The Buttery Restaurant, Lewes, DE

"My biggest surprise was how much people got into it."
George Evans,
Alpine Lake
Community, WV

Indiana All-Woman Murder Mystery Fundraiser
"We had a lot of compliments and many want to know when we are planning another Mystery Dinner."
Michele Wendel,
Plymouth, IN

order Twas the Night Before Murder

Christmas Murder Mystery Party: Twas the Night Before MurderThe mansion of greeting-card magnate Norton Pole was lit up like a Christmas tree. And, well it should be on the eve before the annual holiday. The festive occasion was a gathering of a few relatives and business associates, all celebrating another year of record profits (or is it?) for Polar Cards. 

The assembled group knew everything that could be known about Pole, from north to south, and from east to west. What they didn't know was that, over dinner, Pole would make announcements that could change their holiday seasons forever. At least, they could've had not someone decided to take fate to task and end Pole's career permanently.

For, on Christmas morning, his body was found lying under the huge tree in the great room, a startling contrast to the colorful decorations. But, who would do such a thing? After all, Pole's passion was to produce the perfect paeans to postal patrons who patiently perused each massaged message. Why would someone want to end such a lucid life? Was it Pole's news that had triggered such a rude response? 

Or, had someone taken the opportunity to pay back a dubious debt and carry out a vendetta that had been held inside for years? Only stalwart sleuthing and superior skills would uncover a killer and deck the halls with calls of "golly."

This murder mystery kit is a DOWNLOAD!

One of these suspects is a murderer . . .

Sutton Pole
Norton's son and the heir to his fortune. Sutton was earmarked to take over his father's business. Why would he be suspected of murder?

Donald McPolar
Spokesperson for Polar Cards. The cheerful Santa Claus look-alike has been the the company's symbol for 20 years. Could it be time for a new image?

Greta Cads  

Graphic artist and greeting card designer. Her unique touches on each design have won awards for Polar Cards. Lately, she's changed the way she does the designs.


Willy Wright
Poet and copywriter. He takes Greta's designs and adds the words that make recipients smile, blush and feel good.

Nona Cruncher
Accountant and Norton Pole's financial advisor. She knows where every penny is spent - and where every dollar is hidden.

Minnie Hoppy Rayburns 
Former greeting card rival. Her birthday card company was bought out by Polar Cards. She now reports to Norton Pole and isn't happy about the arrangement.

Weston Pole 
Norton's first cousin. Since he arrived two years ago, lots of things have changed at Polar.

Priscilla Ink
Print shop owner. Her company has been printing Polar Cards for years. Has she been cutting corners to increase her profit margin?

order Twas the Nigfht Before Murder

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

How many people can participate in this mystery?

From 8 to 80 people can comfortably participate in the investigation. With a few modifications (they're described in the instructions), up to 80 people can enjoy the intrigues of solving the case.

Does everyone have a role?

The plot includes eight suspects AND (if you like) the chief of police to lead the investigation - the chief, though, is optional. These individuals are the only ones with assigned roles. Everyone else becomes a sleuth who uses effective investigative techniques to figure out the intricacies of the crime. Since the guilty party doesn't know who did it, everyone can attempt to solve the case.

What will I get when I order the murder mystery?

You'll get everything you need to conduct your investigation, including:

Complete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of Norton Pole's death.

Roles for all suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of events surrounding the crime.

An invitation to the Christmas party honoring Norton Pole.

A Special Edition of The Icecap, the local newspaper, with the story of what happened. (Remember: the investigation takes place on Christmas, the day Norton Pole's body was discovered.)

Instructions for the chief of police, and a letter from the police department explaining the investigation.

A series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed at critical moments.

Key supporting information, including the Christmas cards that were given out by Norton Pole at dinner.

"The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the event together. MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.

How much will I pay for this exclusive holiday whodunit?

The total cost is only $39.77 - AND you'll be able to download the entire mystery as soon as your credit card is processed.

What are your waiting for? Order now and have a holiday party that your friends will talk about for years!

order Twas the Nigfht Before Murder

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