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The mystery that turns a birthday party into an explosive event

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Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game: Happy Deathday to You. Find our who murdered billionaire Ronald Stump when his birthday cake exploded

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Order Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game: Happy Deathday to You

Price of Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game: Happy Deathday to YouIt is the 50th birthday party of billionaire businessman Ronald Stump and no expense has been spared. His penthouse abode high above New Metro in the Stump Tower is packed to the hilt with both lavish decorations and celebrity guests. Stump’s background is checkered to say the least. He seems to have had his fingers in everything that is happening in New Metro—and with power and prestige come resentment and revenge. It’s no secret that he’s been able to make or break the careers of many people. And, he’s made many enemies over the years.

As the party unfolds, the guests drink toasts and enjoy the view of the large metropolis that spreads out before their eyes. The assembled group of revelers represents a dream team of the rich and famous, all “friends” and acquaintances of Stump who presides like a king over the festivities.

Finally, the moment arrives to wheel in the large birthday cake and sing a jubilant chorus of “Happy Birthday to You” to the stoic honored guest. He listens to the musical tribute, inhales a deep breath and blows out the candles on the culinary masterpiece. Suddenly, a loud explosion rocks the room. When the smoke clears, Stump is lying on the floor motionless. Paramedics are called, but they arrive too late. Stump is dead.

Who would dare to turn a birthday bash into a deathday dirge? And, what motive would the killer have to do away with the financial fanatic? Only keen investigative skills and an eye for the unexpected will provide the answers.

This murder mystery kit is a DOWNLOAD!

One of these suspects is a murderer . . .

Elena Stump
Stump’s Romanian trophy wife and former Miss Galaxy.

Wolfpack Ruck
World-renowned chef whose pastry is a favorite of Ronald Stump.

T. Bone Perkins
Billionaire energy tycoon who’s spent a fortune on developing new ways to generate power.

Polly Darken
Country and western singer with humble beginnings that have led to fame and wealth.

Willomena Sorrens
Tennis player and spokeswoman for an international brand of health food.

Garibaldi Roody
The mayor of New Metro who has “connections” that can help persuade people to take his point of view.

Zack Muckenburg
Young Internet entrepreneur whose website, Faceshow.Info, has become a force in cyberspace.

Tris Makinmoney
Professional poker player with a bad temper and a reputation for intimidating his opponents.

Michele Millions
Fitness guru to the rich and famous whose revolutionary workouts have made her “millions.

Nora Rabbitt
Gossip columnist for The New Metro Inquisitor. She knows all the scandals and where all the dirt is hidden.

Order Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game: Happy Deathday to You

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

How many people can participate in this mystery?

From 10 to 80 people can comfortably participate in the investigation and enjoy the intrigues of solving this murder mystery.

Does everyone have a role?

The plot includes 10 suspects AND a chief inspector to lead the investigation. (The chief inspector is optional. The instructions tell you how you can hold the party for ONLY ten people.) These 11 individuals are the only ones with assigned roles. Everyone else becomes a sleuth who uses effective investigative techniques to figure out the intricacies of the crime. Since the guilty party doesn't know who did it, everyone can attempt to solve the case.

What will I get when I order the murder mystery?

You'll get everything you need to conduct your birthday murder mystery investigation, including:

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to YouComplete instructions on how to conduct the investigation of Ronald Stump's murder.

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to YouRoles for all suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of events surrounding the murder.

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to YouAn invitation to Ronald Stump's birthday party.

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to YouThe early edition of The New Metro Inquisitor, the local newspaper, with the story of Ronald Stump's birthday party. (The investigation takes place after Ronald Stump is murdered.)

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to YouInstructions for the chief inspector, and a letter from the New Metro Police Department explaining the investigation.

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to YouA series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed at critical moments.

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to YouKey supporting information such as an investigative report.

Instructions on Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to You"The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.

How much will I pay for this exclusive whodunit?

The total cost will be only $42.77. You'll have a birthday party that will keep your friends talking for years.   

What are you waiting for? To order the murder mystery, click on the bar below!

Order Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game: Happy Deathday to You

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