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A Classic Thriller

How long will it take to orchestrate the mystery?

This mystery is designed to be an evening's entertainment and the focal point of your event. Give yourself two and a half to three hours to stage it. 

How many people can participate in this mystery?

From seven to 70 people can comfortably participate in the investigation.

Does everyone have a role?

The plot includes seven suspects AND a chief inspector to lead the investigation. (The chief inspector is not mandatory.) These individuals are the only ones with assigned roles. Everyone else becomes a sleuth who uses effective investigative techniques to figure out the intricacies of the crime. Since the guilty party doesn't know who did it, everyone can attempt to solve the case.

Why do you call this " A Classic Thriller"?

This mystery is set on a specific date in 1928 and isn't as whimsical as most of the other murder mystery kits you'll find on this site. It has more of the feel of a "classic" historical whodunit.

Evil on the Beach

Classic 1920s Murder Mystery Party Kit: Evil on the Beach

You'll get everything you need, including:

  • Complete step-by-step instructions on how to investigate the murder of Gregor Manov.

  • ​Facilitator instructions.

  • ​Roles for all seven suspects that include family backgrounds and recollections of the events surrounding the murder.

  • ​A series of clues that can be exchanged or revealed at critical moments.

  • ​Key supporting information, such as a map of the grounds at Sea Breeze.

  • ​​An answer sheet.

  • ​​"The Denouement" that is revealed at the end of the investigation and ties the events together.  Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS, and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.

7 Suspects


     Ten years later, all was not forgotten!

Downloadable DIY Murder Mystery Kit: Evil on the Beach
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