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How to Stage a 1950s Sitcom Murder Mystery

You'll have to purchase the kit to find out who is murdered. After all, it wouldn't be a good whodunit if everything is revealed in advance.

Downloadable DIY 1950s Murder Mystery Theater: Murder is on the Air based on TV sitcom I Love Lucy
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How to Host a Murder Mystery Party or Non-Murder Kids Mysterey: Downloadable DIY Kits
Mysteries on the Net: How to Host a Murder Mystery Party or Non-Murder Kids Mystery

Murder is on

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Mystery Writing Boot Camp

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Mysteries on the Net

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Downloadable DIY 1950s Murder Mystery Theater: Murder is on the Air based on TV sitcom I Love Lucy

The Cast of "Murder is on the Air"

​​Lizzie BellComedienne and Sitcom Star
She and her ex-husband Dizzy Gomez, a Mexican musician, used to have a hit TV show, I Love Lizzie, but they have since split and gone their separate ways. Lizzie has a loyal following of fans and the TV show is #1 in the ratings. 

Macie Dixon Comedienne and Sitcom Co-Star
She was a bit player in I Love Lizzie until Dizzy insisted that she have a bigger role, and her career took off. Macie pretends to be ditsy, but is really very conniving, and doesn’t really care for Lizzie even though she fawns over her when the two of them are together.

Norman SneerNetwork Owner
He purchased the network and runs the flagship station with a tight fist. He’s known for his hysterical tantrums when things don’t go right, and constantly verbally abuses his employees. He loves power and hates it when anyone talks back to him. He always has a huge cigar in his mouth.

Fred FinkelmeyerFloor Director
He’s been at the network since it was founded. On the surface, he’s a “yes” man, but inside he’s a boiling caldron of resentment. He was on the crew of I Love Lizzie , and his lips are sealed as to what took place behind the scenes.

Ricardo MontelatoGuest Star
He’s a movie actor and heartthrob who makes women swoon and men furious. He only agreed to appear on the show so that he could promote his new movie, One Angry Man, which premieres in theaters tomorrow. He’s good at swashbuckling, but horrible at comedy. 

Samantha Starr Starlet
She’s a budding B-movie actress who's been pestering Sneer to give her a network show, but he’s procrastinated. Now, she wants him to fire Lizzie and make her the star of the sitcom. She won’t take “no” for an answer, and has an up close and personal way of getting what she wants.

Zack LaPaine  – Health Guru and Sponsor
His product, “Vegitol, the tonic that boosts fatigued corpuscles,” sponsors The Lizzie Show. He is a health nut and exercise aficionado. He loves the ratings that the show receives, but hates the fact that Sneer is grossly out of shape.

Detective Jack Thursday

He is an experienced cop who takes charge of the investigation and won't leave until the case is solved. He's not worried about protecting the innocent.