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Alaska Murder Mystery Cruise

Within minutes, you can DOWNLOAD a complete murder mystery party. The kit will be at your fingertips as you start planning your party TODAY.

Even if you've never hosted a murder mystery party or dinner before, each easy-to-use kit will guide you step-by-step and stress-free through the entire do-it-yourself process from suspects to solution . . . Guaranteed!

Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta of Mysteries on the Net

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Easter Murder Mystery Party Kit: Lurking Down The Bunny Trail

4th of July Murder Mystery Party Kit: I Loathe A Parade

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Birthday Murder Mystery Party Game Kit: Happy Deathday to You

VHawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Party Kit: Hulas and Homicide

Winery Murder Mystery Party Kit: Death Is A Cabernet, Ol' Chum

Golf Murder Mystery Party Kit: Murder Is Par For The Course

Magical Murder Mystery Party Kit: Quicker Than The Eye

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit: Evil Never Dies

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kit: The Disappearance of Death

All-Woman Murder Mystery Party Kit: Death Bemoans Her

Wild West Murder Mystery Party Kit: Death in them thar hills

Betting on Death: Las Vegas Casino Murder Mystery Party Kit

4th of July Murder Mystery Party Kit: I Loathe A Parade

Cruise Murder Mystery Party Kit: Death Ahoy

1930s Train Murder Mystery Party Kit: Murder On The Petulant Express

1920s Classic Murder Mystery Party Kit: Evil on the Beach

1930s Classic Murder Mystery Party Kit: The Cat Screamed at Midnight

1940s Classic Murder Mystery Party Kit: The Curse of the Comet

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Mystery Writing Boot Camps

Texas Wild West Murder Mystery Party
"I had never gone to one or given one and I was a bit intimidated. But, once I read through the materials and instructions it was really easy."
Beverly Hartman,

San Antonio, TX

"I saw on the Internet cheaper mysteries I could have purchased, but knew I would get a quality, thought-provoking mystery by purchasing one of yours. I wasn't let down."
Jody Polster,
Muncie, IN

Boston St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party
"I especially appreciate you explaining the mystery to me on the phone the day before - I couldn't ask for better service!"
Laurel Francoeur,
Boston, MA

South Africa Winery Murder Mystery Dinner
"Your product is exceptional and made running the evening a breeze."
Peter & Cathy Hall, Howik, Natal,
South Africa

Wild West Murder Mystery Party at Maine B&B
"I have used other mystery writers before but nothing comes close to the TOTAL package presented by you. "
Jeff Teel,
Greenleaf Inn,
Boothbay Harbor, ME

All-Girl Teen Murder Mystery Birthday Party in North Carolina
You are THE MAN and we all want to thank you for the fun you created for us!."  

Ted Hopkins,
Reidsville, NC

Tennessee KOA Murder Mystery Party
"I really think you have the best thing going. Simple, easy and lots of fun."
Kathy Kennedy, 
Blountville, TN

Louisiana Train Murder Mystery Party
"It was the talk of all of our jobs. The pictures were shared and passed around. We will talk about this night for years to come. Thanks for this lovely night!!!"
Linda Hebert,
Belle Chasse, LA

North Carolina Murder Mystery Theater
"Jack, you keep writing them, we'll keep doing them. My actors and the guests totally enjoy the challenge."
Della Freedman,
Come-SolveIt Players,
Charlotte, NC

"The packs you have designed are really wonderfully put together. The scenarios were great and worth every penny."
Heather Fowler,
New Brunswick, Canada

New Jersey Wild West Murder Mystery Party
". . . the night went incredibly smooth. It was as though we had been performing murder mysteries for years. Thanks for the good time!"
Josh Gombo,
New Brunswick, NJ

"This is the 5th year we have hosted a mystery whodunit and yours was by far the best."
Wanda Sudrala, 
Fruitdale, SD

New York Corporate Murder Mystery Picnic
"The murder mystery was a HUGE success and tons of fun. It was both easy for me to put on with your well written mystery and enjoyed immensely."
Greg Georgek,  
Hornell, NY

". . . you turned an average function into something that everyone's been raving about ever since!"
Chris Rolfe,
Cooma, New South Wales,

Indiana All-Woman College Murder Mystery Party
"We had a sell-out crowd. (Almost 140 guests!) We even had . . . others that were not able to get a ticket!"
Roxanne Torrence, 
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN

Trinidad and Tobago St. Patrick's Day Murder Mystery Party
"They are asking when I will be hosting one again. I know I will be."
Chris McShine-Griffin,
Trinidad & Tobago

Texas Halloween Murder Mystery Party
"Everything was laid out for a perfect evening, and enough room was left for 'artistic license.'"
Jerry Underwood,
Whitehouse, TX

"I downloaded your script and it was wonderful, so easy and complete."
Mark Glicksman,
Lion President, Little River Miami Shores Lions
Miami, FL

Texas Church Murder Mystery Theater
"I have done hundreds of Dinner Theater musicals i
n 30 years but never a Mystery Theater. I needed something that was fun, easy to stage, involving lots of people and most of all clean family entertainment."  
Dr. Ed Ferlazzo,  
Minister of Music and Arts, Haltom Road
Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX

"You had everything so well laid out and planned that it ran just like clockwork."
Kaleen Solheim,
Portland, OR

Ohio Retirement Home Murder Mystery Lunch
"Thanks for your excellent plot on 'Murder Most Green.' We are now gearing up to perform 'Death in them thar hills.' We look forward to future business with you!"

Kerri Krahel,  
Beacon House
at Forest Hill, 
St. Clairsville, OH

"I organised your 'Murder Most Green' for all my family earlier this year. It was such a great party that we have decided to make it an annual event."
Ann Sullivan, 
County Kerry, Ireland

Alabama Church Youth Halloween Murder Mystery Party
"It was great fellowship! We are considering doing another one as a fundraiser and getting the whole church involved.
Thanks for sharing your gift of creativity and organization with us!"
Pastor Kerry Campbell,
Huntsville, AL

Minnesota Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Theater
"Attendance increased each night. The audience was spreading the word, encouraging people not to miss it."

Vicki Morrison Goble,
Treasurer, Pequana Playhouse, Baudette, MN

Louisiana New Years Murder Mystery Party
"It was so much fun that we can't wait to do another one."
Irma Netting, 
Luling, LA

"My team really enjoyed using 'Murder Most Green' as a team-building event. I highly recommend your scripts!"

Susan Meredith,
Program Coordinator

Oklahoma Christmas Murder Mystery Party
"I have never seen it so competitive. They opened their clue before their gift."
Sue Price, 
Sand Springs, OK

Rotary International Wild West Murder Mystery Party
"'Death in them thar hills' was fabulous. Thanks for all of your hard work!It was a success."

Jan Devlin,
Rotary International

"Everyone always has a wonderful time. All our previous participants, as well as new folks are excited about taking part and solving the mystery."
Doris Shaver,

Albemarle, NC
"It was a wonderful evening and your kit included everything we needed for success. We also raised over $30,000 to send food to Haiti a very successful event indeed!"
Tess Mescher,

St Mary's Deanery Center, Celina, OH
"All of us at the Hotel Vicky in Niederau, Austria, thoroughly enjoyed our evening spent solving the mystery, old and young alike."
Linda Ogilvie-Goddard,

Southampton, Hampshire, England

Dear Murder Mystery Party Game Fan,

What would it be like to host a murder mystery party game or a birthday party that will have your friends talking for years? Think about it. You could be the center of attention at a unique mystery party or dinner that will wow your guests and earn you continuing kudos.

But Hosting A Successful
Murder Mystery Party Requires A
 Well-Crafted Script . . .

Sure, you like the idea of hosting a murder mystery, but the do-it-yourself mystery party game kit you've purchased at your local department store or at other Internet sites just didn't offer the challenge that you were looking for.

Plus, the instructions were confusing, and it lacked the type of plot that guarantees exciting whodunits and dinner entertainment.

Instead of hitting yourself in the head trying to write your own mystery parties, you can now download and host a portfolio of thought-provoking murder mystery scenarios, available at your fingertips TODAY.

My Murder Mystery Party Games Kits
Are For Serious Sleuths - People Who Really
Want To Host A Memorable Investigation!

The complete murder mystery party game kits you download and host here from Mysteries on the Net have intertwining plot lines that only point to one suspect - the nefarious person who committed the crime.

That's right ... this is NOT Colonel Mustard in the Study with a Wrench. Each murder mystery game is a hand-crafted, finely tuned mystery novel adapted to the special requirements for hosting an evening's entertainment. And, a downloadable murder mystery is perfect for a special dinner or birthday party.

At Mysteries on the Net, you'll find cohesive storylines and a proven system that makes your logistics easy. After all, a well-thought-out plot and scenario are precise in their mingling of information. You'll enjoy the logic and gamesmanship of a finely honed event.

Order Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kits from Mysteries on the NetCertainly ... all of your guests will participate in my murder mysteries. Some will be the suspects and the rest will be investigators. 

Each mystery party game has a fixed number of suspects whose stories, backgrounds, and recollections tie together to produce a precise denouement, and an exact conclusion. (It's quite elementary.)

In each kit, you'll get:

How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party Game: Download Do-It-Yourself KitsComplete instructions on how to host your own downloadable murder mystery investigation.

How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party Game: Download Do-It-Yourself KitsRoles for all suspects that include family backgrounds, recollections of events surrounding the crime, and answers to anticipated questions from other guests.

How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party Game: Download Do-It-Yourself KitsSleuthing material for guests who are assigned the task of solving the murder.

How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party Game: Download Do-It-Yourself KitsA series of written clues that can be exchanged or revealed at critical moments as the plot unfolds.

How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party Game: Download Do-It-Yourself KitsKey supporting information such as coroners' reports, newspaper clippings, and encoded messages.

How to Host Your Own Murder Mystery Party Game: Download Do-It-Yourself KitsThe solution that is revealed at the end of the evening and ties the event together. Remember: MOTIVE, MEANS and OPPORTUNITY will point to the guilty party.

By Now, You're Asking:
"What Do You Know About How To Host Your Own
 Murder Mystery Party Games Anyway?"

Order Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kits from Mysteries on the NetFor the past 30 years, I have facilitated murder mystery parties and memorable dinners and birthday parties for clients across the United States. (That's my photo at the top of the page. It was taken by Nathan Harrmann and appeared in a recent issue of "M" Magazine.) 

It all started innocently enough. One dark and stormy night in 1982, I stayed up late and watched the movie Murder on the Orient Express

I've always been a "games person" - the kind who pulls out a Monopoly board after dinner - and, I thought, "What a great game my own murder mystery investigation would make for my friends."

That's when I wrote the scenario for Murder on the Cedarburg Express. (Cedarburg, Wisconsin is where my investigative offices are located.) OK - corny - but fun. My own mystery party games became annual much-anticipated events for my friends. So, I'd author and host a plot for a new mystery game each year. 

Friends of my friends began telephoning me asking if I could facilitate murder mystery parties and birthday parties for them - for a fee, of course. As a professional speaker, writer, and consultant, and a man who wears many hats, I easily put on a deerstalker and my own cottage industry was born.

Since then, small groups, associations, and international corporations have hired me to provide murder mystery events. All of my murder mystery game scenarios and plots are one-of-a-kind. You won't find them anyplace else because I wrote them from scratch.

Now, I'm offering you my best Classic Mysteries games to download via the Internet - along with a facilitation technique that's been honed to a fine edge over the last two decades. 

They're All Packaged And Waiting For
You To Download And Host Right Now.

Not only will you have everything you need to organize an unforgettable downloadable murder mystery event, dinner or birthday, but you'll also have a built-in theme party. You see, each of the Classic Mystery scenarios takes place during a different decade of the 20th century.

Order Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kits from Mysteries on the NetAll of them have been converted to .pdf files that you'll download within minutes of making your purchase.  

To see complete descriptions of these downloadable Classic Mysteries, just click on their titles.

Evil on the Beach puts your guests on the Gulf of Mexico in the "Roaring '20s." The stock market produced millionaires overnight, and spawned window-jumpers soon after.

The Cat Screamed at Midnight takes your guests to pre-war England in 1936 where people marveled at their new technology and awaited the coronation of King Edward VIII.

The Curse of the Comet is a 1940s post-war thriller plot set in Beverly Hills. The world was recovering from World War II and hosting a party was just what everyone needed.

How Much Will You Pay To Host 
These Three Time-Tested
Sleuthing Scenarios?

They'll cost you just $37.77 each. (I've always liked the number 7.) Yes ... for about the cost of two large pizzas with the works, you'll have everything you need to download and host your own first-class murder mystery investigation.  

Plus, I keep adding to my repertoire of downloadable murder mystery party games. Return to Mysteries on the Net regularly to get the latest updates on new plots. Or, simply join my Inner Circle to be emailed this information. 

And you'll want to celebrate the upcoming holidays in a unique way . . . by hosting a murder mystery party written for the occasion!

You'll also find ONE-OF-A-KIND HOLIDAY MYSTERIES, the perfect touches for special occasions. Downloadable holiday mystery party games are available all year long for those of you who want to celebrate Christmas in July or Easter in December, or your own unique birthday anytime.

With spring in the air (in the northern hemisphere, that is) you'll want to take a look at hosting a murder mystery party that will produce a hopping good time, Lurking Down the Bunny Trail. Bunny breeder Barney Benson meets an untimely demise when the large sign on his bunny hutch crashes to the ground as he prepares to feed breakfast to the bouncing binions.

Then, your Fourth of July celebration won't be complete until you solve the murder of Mayor Joe Possumz who is murdered as he is reviewing the annual Independence Day Parade. I Loathe a Parade will create some long-lasting fireworks at your backyard barbecue.

Order Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kits from Mysteries on the Net

And, you'll also want to look at . . .

. . . A birthday murder mystery!

Entrepreneur businessman Ronald Stump is celebrating his 50th birthday high above the streets of New Metro in the Stump Tower. As he blows out the candles on his giant-sized cake, it suddenly explodes. He is dead and the assembled guests are stunned. The plot to Happy Deathday to You is one that will surely bring a happy chorus of cheers from your birthday party crowd.

. . . And don't miss my NEWEST mystery!

Betting on Death is set in Las Vegas where a street person named Harold is killed by a hit-and-run driver in front of the Labachio Hotel and Casino. The mystery unfolds into a story of romance, intrigue and secrecy when it's discovered that Harold was more than what he appeared to be.

Then, take a look at the plot for Quicker Than The Eye, a tricky mystery that'll challenge your sleuthing skills. This mystery shuffles the deck and deals out death. It has an ace in the hole and won't be the joker at your next murder mystery dinner.

It's always time for fun and merriment. Why not add sand and palm trees to your murder mystery party mix by staging Hulas and Homicide, a Hawaiian luau mystery that will have your group dancing and singing island songs.

Also - because of requests from many of you - a unique all-woman mystery, Death Bemoans Her, has become a hit event! Women's groups from all over the world have enjoyed the challenge of figuring out what happened aboard Bertha Brothert's yacht that caused the death of a prominent woman after a night of dinner and intrigue, followed by a neat little murder.

Or, prepare your group for good wine and good sleuthing when you order and host Death Is A Cabernet, Ol'Chum. B&Bs and wineries really like this plot in which vintner Malcolm Melee's body is found at the foot of the staircase leading to his wine cellar on the 10th anniversary of his winery.

Without a doubt, you'll impress your investigative associates with Murder on the Petulant Express, a homicide kit with not only means and opportunity, but also with a locomotive. They can challenge the thought process of even experienced investigators for only $39.77 to $42.77 each.

Now you can also order and host your own golf mystery party. You'll be able to hit the fairway with more than your golf clubs as Murder Is Par For The Course encourages you tell everyone about how to line up the perfect shot and homicide dinner.

You won't find it rough to try to figure out the plot in the mystery surrounding the murder of professional golfer Holin Wunn whose death occurred during a fatal round of golf. Any time of the year is the right time for golf and this mystery only adds to the fun on the fairway, especially for a golfer's birthday party or country club event.

If you have that summer cruise booked, why not make it a murder mystery cruise? Because of many requests from you, a mystery plot that was used on one of our Murder Mystery at Sea cruises, Death Ahoy, is now available to use anywhere at anytime of the year. The scene is set on a cruise ship in the Western Caribbean, but it can work for any murder mystery event.

AND, be sure to tell us about the party you hosted.

Order Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kits from Mysteries on the NetPeople around the world will want to view your best sleuthing smile. So, email me with the details and a series of photos and I'll add them to this website.

Bookmark this site and come back again. New mysteries are always being added - so tell me what you'd like to see next. I do read your emails and develop new scripts and scenarios and dinner ideas based upon your requests. 

And - if you've ever wanted to be an author and create your own murder mystery party to host, I'll share my secrets with you in my downloadable Super-Secret Murder Mystery Party Writing System.

With the complete workbook, you'll be able to master a step-by-step system that will lead you through the entire process of writing and hosting your own murder mystery scripts for your family and friends.

Here's some exciting news!

Many of you have asked if we could meet at a sleuthing hideaway and work together on your own special motive, means and opportunity while finalizing a murder mystery party plot.

The answer is a resounding, "yes." The Mystery Writing Boot Camps for May and June are taking reservations right now. Both will be held in the perfect mystery-writing setting, the Brumder Mansion, a real haunted house on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. When you leave to return to your sleuthing headquarters, you'll have all of the preliminary work done on you very own murder mystery party plot.

AND . . .

Why not take a few moments right now to add your comments to our web blog and see what others from around the world say about our whodunits? For a mystery plot geared toward a younger audience, visit Kids Mysteries. No murders there - just challenging scenarios for a birthday party or special kids mystery event.

And, take a look at the NEW kids website!

Order Downloadable Murder Mystery Party Game Kits from Mysteries on the NetYou and your kids can now customize and host a downloadable mystery party at the Instant Kids Mystery website. You'll be able to enter your own personal information and determine what happens in the mystery. It's a concept that will eventually be incorporated into the mysteries available on this website. One more way to make your own murder mystery party unique and memorable.

And of course . . . 

When you buy one or several of my murder mystery party game plots here at Mysteries on the Net, you'll get something no one else can offer you.

You'll get me!

That's right - you'll get me ABSOLUTELY FREE by calling 262-377-7230. I'll be happy to help you with the logistics of hosting your investigation. I love talking with murder mystery buffs and will be happy to help you make the modifications and the personal touches that will make your murder mystery party a huge success.

Just take a look at the references on this site from other people who have enjoyed my murder mystery plots and you'll see that your event will be a hit and a party that your crime-fighting associates will rave about for years.

Order your mysteries right now! Just Click HERE and you'll be able to download and host the most challenging murder mystery games on the Internet. What are you waiting for?


Jack Pachuta
The Chief Inspector

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